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Solar Power Installation | Interelec Pty Ltd
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Solar Power Installations

Quality Solar Systems & Battery Storage From Perth’s Leading Solar Power Installer.

Interelec are Perth’s Solar and Battery Storage Experts. Call the Interelec Team Today: 1300 842 891

Perth’s Leading Independent Solar Installer

Interelec is one of Perth’s leading solar companies. They have been helping customers across WA install and maintain solar systems. We install Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, Tesla Powerwalls, Commercial Solar Systems and all other forms of solar power generation. Head Electrical Engineer Simon Pease understands the unique needs of each customer and tailors his solar systems to each customer, each house, and each business. Before moving to Australia Simon was one of the most innovative installers of solar systems in England. Simon has taken his experience of optimising systems to eek out as much power as possible from the limited sunlight hours in England and used it to create exceptionally effective systems in the sun-rich environments offered by the Australian climate. Under Simon, Interelec has established itself as one of the most trusted and reliable solar companies in Perth, customers know they can trust Interelec to deliver their professional and reliable service at extremely competitive prices.

All of the Interelec solar systems come with a 100% guarantee and the panels, inverter and even the mounting kit all come with comprehensive warranties. Peace of mind and industry leading customer support come standard with a solar system from Interelec

Why Solar in Perth?

Perth gets around 5.8 hours of ‘peak sunshine’ per square metre per day. That makes it one of the best solar cities in all of Australia. The average 3-person home uses about 20kWh of energy every day. With a basic 1.5kW solar system in Perth you would be looking at about 7kWh per day. A 5kW system however would produce around about 23kWh. That’s not the end of the puzzle though, that is just how much power the system could produce but if you don’t have a battery storage system then you wouldn’t necessarily get all of that and certainly at night time you would be reliant on the grid again. That’s why the latest battery systems are so revolutionary, they give you the power to get off the grid for good. Currently any power you don’t use during the day is sold back to the grid at about 8c/kWh, which is nothing compared to how much you have to pay for that same kWh back from the grid when you need it at night. Selling power back to the grid is a little bit complex though so it’s probably something best discussed in person.

As for the actual installation, you will find that the Federal Government currently has significant subsidies in place for the installation of solar power systems as part of their Renewable Energy Target scheme. This discount in Perth can reach up to 30% of of the initial investment cost of the solar system. To top this off the payback on these systems is on average less than 5 years.

The Solar Storage Experts

If you are ready to install a battery ready solar system or if you just want to talk about the possibilities of installing one – call us today to find out why people across Perth are turning to green power and solar storage solutions.

We have learnt over the years that every house needs a different system for their power needs and we specialise in finding the perfect solution for turning your house into a self-sufficient home. This is not only good for the environment but also for your pocket. The savings that our customers have racked up over the years stand as a testament to their foresight and our ability to create a perfectly tailored solar solution. Find out why solar storage is revolutionising the power industry and how it can change your life.

If this interests you or if you’d like to know more about solar systems and how they could work for you. Contact us on 1300 842 891